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Screenlyy Host Protection Program

Screenlyy offers Pay-per-night host protection coverage, covering hosts for guest related risks and liability. Our Pay-per-night policy is designed to be as flexible as your bookings.

Peace Of Mind

Covers you and your property for guest related risks.


Backed by the worlds most trusted insurance underwriter Lloyd’s of London.

Flexible Coverage

Get cover only for the nights you have bookings.

Coverage you can count on

Don’t rely on platform guarantees including Host Protection Insurance; you will get what you pay for, which unfortunately is nothing!

Screenlyy’s Protection Program is Ideal for holiday homes and Airbnb accommodation, we offer:

  • USD$1,000,000 Homeowner Liability Protection provides protection in respect of the damages arising out of your vacation rental activity for which you become legally liable to third parties.
  • USD$25,000 Property Damage and Protection responds with repair or replacement cost protection against physical loss or damage to owner’s real property contents when caused by a renter, for losses up to $25,000

* View our coverage policy for full terms.

Only pay for the nights guests stay

Screenlyy Property Protection offers broad and comprehensive protection designed to cover your short term rental for a full range of defined events and unexpected circumstances.

We protect you from the stuff that might happen when you have paying guests.

Personal Liability

We provide cover for damages for which the Property Owner is legally liable including legal expenses.

Medical Expenses

We provide protection in respect of the necessary medical expenses as they relate to an accident causing bodily injury to a third party, including reasonable first aid charges, surgical, x-ray, dental, ambulance, hospital, prosthetic devices & funeral services.

Contents Damage

Accidental and unintentional damage to such things as furniture, electronics & appliances, spilt wine on carpet, broken lamps.

Property Damage

Accidental and unintentional damage to your property including such things as windows, doors, walls.

Neighbor & Tenants Liability

feature that responds to occupant-caused damage for which you are legally liable when the consequences of such damage spread from your property to the property of neighbors and co-tenants.

For full details on what’s covered, please read our Screenlyy Protection Program Overview & Screenlyy Protection Program Addendum

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No Annual Commitment

Don’t waste money on insurance you don’y need.

Pay As You Need

Only pay for protection when you have a guest booking.

Global Coverage

Cover every property within your portfolio with the same protection. We offer world wide coverage.

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